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So you want your bathtub to be presentable ?

Here are the most common choices used for bathtub improvements.

Have your bathtub reglazed

Having your bathtub reglazed will leave you with the same look and feel of a new bathtub.
We can reglaze your bathtub to any desired color, we can also match our finish to a existing color or reglaze white over any color.
Your bathtub can be used the next day. 

You can tear out your bathtub  

Your wall tiles must also be removed and wall behind tiles.
Then call a plumber and hope he shows up to deal with plumbing fixtures and old
drain pipes.
Then have someone take all this mess to a land fill site.
Install bathtub, plumbing, drywall, tiles then grout.
This is a very dirty, time consuming and expensive solution. 

Have an insert installed over your existing bathtub

This gives you the feeling of bathing in a tupperware bowl.
Cracking is common, water getting between the insert and bathtub is common.
The Chateau Laurier thought inserts were a great idea and had bathtub inserts installed in all rooms. That lasted only 2 years then they had all of the bathtub inserts removed and all of their bathtubs reglazed.
Very expensive Tupperware bowl that may or may not crack and discolor. 


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