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Serving Ottawa and the surrounding area since 1999

Process and Cost


The process begins with an industrial wash and washing with an acidic product that strips the enamel.

The acid strips and returns the enamel to a rough surface that is comparable to a blackboard. Any caulking is removed. We fill the chips and cover the bathroom with protective tarpaulins and install a fan that eliminates odors. Subsequently, we apply two coats of primer. Once dried, we apply three layers of porcelain enamel. There are companies that will tell you that they vaporize more than three layers, but more doesn’t always mean better. Once the enamel hardens, it can crack. We remove our protective tarpaulins and apply new caulking. The process to re-clean a bathtub is about 4 hours depending on the current condition. Once the process is complete your bathtub can be used the next day.

Our reglazing fees

Bathtub reglazing: $399.00 + HST

Tiles around the bathtub: $399.00 + HST

Bathtub reglazing and tiles around the bathtub: $758.00 + HST (Discount price for both Bathtub and Tiles around the Bathtub @ 379+Hst Each)

Shower cabin: $399.00 + HST

Remove existing enamel: $75.00 + HST

Interior clawfoot tub reglazing $399.00 + HST

Exterior clawfoot tub reglazing $399.00 + HST

Interior and exterior clawfoot tub reglazing, including feet: $758.00 + HST (Discount price for BOTH Interior and exterior clawfoot tub reglazing @ 379+Hst Each)

(Your clawfoot tub will need to be delivered to our location. Please contact us to make an appointment)

Our final prices are without hidden costs or additional fees