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Do you want a presentable bathtub, tiles, sinks or shower?


Here are the 3 frequently chosen options to upgrade your bathtub, tiles, sinks or showers:


1. Reglaze your bathtub, tiles, sinks or shower.

Following the reglazing, you will have the appearance of a brand new bathtub, tiles, sinks or shower.

We can reglaze bathtub, tiles, sinks or shower according to the desired color or match the current color or with a white finish on the already existing color.

You can use your bathtub, tiles or sinks or shower the next day.

4-hour process without damage.

Fraction of the price of the other options listed below, durable and guaranteed.

2. You can tear your bathtub, tiles, sinks or sink from the wall.

Your wall tiles need to be removed and as well as the walls back.

You will need a plumber to properly remove your old faucets, drains and pipes.

Travel to the municipal transshipment site to throw away the old bath and tiles, etc., a fee will be applied.

Installation of bathtub, tiles, sinks or sink, plumbing, accessories, drywall, tiles and joint plaster.

3. Have an acrylic insert installed over your existing bathtub.

It makes you feel like you’re bathing in a Tupperware bowl.

Cracking is common. There could be a buildup of water between the insert and the tub.

The Château Laurier thought acrylic bathtub coating was a great idea.

They had them installed in all the rooms.

The coating lasted only 2 years and they had to make their choices towards remanufacturing.

Similar has a very expensive Tupperware bowl that may or may not crack and fade.