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Do’s (Y) and Do Not’s (XX) for your reglazed tub, tiles or sink

Do’s (Y)

(Y) Wipe your bathtub with a towel after each use. You should not wipe it thoroughly.

(Y) Use Tilex, the Lysol tile cleaner, Fantastique or bubble bath as cleaners.

(Y) Maintain the caulk around the tub.

Do Not (XX)

(XX) Do not use for 24 hours after reglazing.

(XX) Should not leave a pierced faucet without repair.

(XX) Do not use any abrasives such as S-O-S, Comet or Old Dutch.

(XX) Do not attempt to dust your bathtub with your fingers. The surface dust will dissipate in three or four weeks with your housekeeping.

(XX) Do not leave soap, bottles or objects on the enameled surface.

(XX) DO not use a bath mat with suction cups. If you have to use this type of bath mat it must be removed after each use. Your wet bath mat can be removed without damaging your bathtub by sliding it to the side or sliding it back.

(XX) Do not stand (also applies to workers) on a bathtub restyled with shoes. Please ask them to take off their shoes and put a towel on the enameled surface.